The Exchanges Podcast – E01 – Corporations and Political Power

THIS PODCAST: Corporations and Political Power

HIGHLIGHTS (estimated times):

Citizens United. Weird Comment’s Section Analogy @5:10
Loud 80s Music. Alexandra tells us about Managers Throwing Pizza Pans @9:45
Wikipedia Defines Citizens United @10:50
Kwaku Plays Devil’s Advocate @13:40
Dan Tells a story about being a jerk to Jim Martin. 5 Disadvantage Groups of Society @15:25
Why Citizen United passed? @17:48
The Michael Moore argument @19:50
The Koch argument & Corporate Stewards of society @27:10
Dazed and Confused @29:10
Are corporations people? Individual contributions. Brent’s position evolves @32:10
Never-ending election cycle @35:40
Savannah’s common sense vs. Libertarian arguments @40:00
Brent pretends to be a Libertarian @41:50
Kwaku mentions Tesla, crowd goes wild @45:56
Mark Zuckerberg for President? @49:34
Dan weighs his options: Zuckerberg or Dwayne Johnson @50:06
Kwaku endorses Kid Rock @51.08
Brent’s beef with John McCain @53:15
Brent’s weak IT Jobs conspiracy theory gets shutdown @1:02:10
Dan gets very wise @ 1:12:10
Savannah and her father paints the future @1:14:00
We slowly wade into Universal Basic Income @1:16:05
Kwaku clues us in on prisoners working in Fast Food @1:18:20
We revisit Foxcomm. Conflict-free phones? @ 1:19:00
Dan lets us know what’s the worst thing to happen to a third world country @1:20:14
Politicians are a reflect of us. How will these times be taught in school history @1:24:30
Alexandra tell us about bad teachers and give us our next topic: @ 1:30:00


Intro Music Credit:

Artist – William Ross; Song – Ahmed; Album – William Ross Chernoof’s Nomads

Outro Music Credit:

Artist – Milton Arias; Song – Vidala en Verde; Album – Antes del Fin