The Exchanges Podcast – E03 – Modern Family + Race + Divorce + Children + Education

THIS PODCAST: Modern Family + Interracial Families + Mental Healthcare + Montessori School

Show Info @8:23
Mysterious Missing Hoon @8:41
Roll call and Logistics @9:28
Topic @10:02
Hurricane Irma lack luster performance in GA. Barbuda @10:36
Hurricane Juan @11:47
Climate Change @12:15
Politics is everything @12:36
Savannah talking politic among friends @ 13:24
Helene’s parents secretive nature @13:41
Helene: What the heel did we talk about growing @14:28
Small worlds @15:05
Brent’s New Jersey days @15:46
Kyle’s rural Arizona upbringing @17:15
Arizona militias @18:27
Hispanic immigrants in Arizona @19:15
Kyle’s Family makeup @19:50
Hating Southern Arizona @20:49
Escaping the desert to Georgia @22:26
Brent’s Family makeup @23:02
Brent’s grandfather’s toe @24:29
Brent’s grandmother exiled out the family. How I happened @25:12
Kyle on mixed race families and their children @26:48
Kyle: We’re Mexican right? Kyle reconnecting with his roots @27:04
What does it mean to be in a racial family @28:46
Brent’s racial adoption paranoia @29:26
Brent’s mother’s colorism experience @30:28
What are you? @31:09
Kyle bonding with other racially ambiguous kids @33:00
Kyle and the absence of mixed race communities @34:19
Limbo @34:45
Having things gotten better? @35:07
The Melting Pot @35:14
Savannah and Mosaic America @36:21
Helene gets introspective. Savanah’s family Italian and Jewish roots @36:21
North vs South perspective on ethnic identities @37:53
1/13th Cherokee @38:38
People who claim to be part Native America @39:07
Helene’s Native American friend @39:19
Colonial America and Racial mixing @41:02
Arizona Native American Reservations @41:42
What does Blackness and Whiteness mean? @44:03
Savannah educates us on history of body types @46:26
Skin lighting practices. Brent forgets Sammy Sosa’s name @47:03
Slavery and racism tooled to control the masses @49:15
Ta Nehisi Coates article – First White President @50:19
Terrified American Aristocrats @51:44
Mixing races fixing bigotry @52:49
Brent: Technological innovation breaking down the Nuclear Family @53:34
Breakdown of generational households @54:45
Mexican, Korean, Indian Family Units @55:58
Charlie and the Chocolate Family @56:33
Helenes Brothers family taking in bi-racial grandchildren @57:34
Raising bi-racial children and needed conversations @58:48
Hair Texture @1:00:32
When Brent processed the biracial element in his family @1:01:19
Dropping babies off at the airport @1:05:56
I don’t see color @1:07:11
Inescapable conversations of the future @1:08:4
Savannah and bias Awareness @1:09:02
Savannah and the importance of diversity in teaching @1:09:23
Hind-brain Tribalism @1:10:40
Divorce @1:14:02
Surviving in the world today vs yesteryears @1:16:34
Invention of the Teenager @1:17:43
Savannah and the Anxiety of Life @1:18:30
Adam Curtis and Hypernormalization. Watch It! @1:19:43
The Birth of modern Psychiatry and a mess up case study @1:20:26
Data of Processing Normal. Mental Health Ads @1:22:35
Popping Pills @1:23:54
Kyle in being diagnosed @1:25:06
Savannah and the progress of mental health diagnosis @1:26:19
Brent: what are these medicines doing? Lexapro withdrawals @1:26:53
Brent’s experience with Therapy @1:28:39
Evilgram @1:31:42
Helene and love-handle holding @1:32:07
Savannah: Children and a faster world @1:32:38
Working Parents @1:33:16
Eccentric Helene @1:35:34
Savannah: Where are the dinosaurs? @1:38:20
Giving children credit @1:40:05
Savannah on Montessori education @1:42:34
A bamboozling education system @1:43:14
Brent gaming the education system @1:46:37
Kyle, the Gifted Kid @1:49:36
Learning to be average @1:52:48
Montessori education crash course @1:54:44
Kyle’s Expertise in the healthcare delivery system @1:56:17
Savannah and Montessori Beginnings @1:58:49
Wrapping up @2:08:07


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