The Exchanges Podcast – E06 – This Day in History + Harvey Weinstein + Niger Mission + Equifax

THIS PODCAST: This Day in History + Harvey Weinstein + Niger Mission:

0:05:54 Who is the tallest of them all?
0:08:21 What do women really want? Kwaku arrives.
0:11:17 Scandinavian Giants
0:12:52 Kwaku the caveman.
0:14:19 Brent’s fascination with the Exploration Age
0:14:47 Angie and David arrive
0:16:18 Happy Birthday Angie. Lawrence’s job hunt
0:17:35 Ed: Facebook News & the Internet
0:19:05 Pundits opinions vs actual News
0:19:51 Ed versus Technology. Wonders of smartphones.
0:22:13 Internet scammers
0:23:51 Equifax Hack. History of Credit Agencies
0:26:41 Actual start of the show!
0:28:44 Harvey Weinstein Sexual Assault/Harassment talk commences. Kwaku jumps us off
0:31:56 David’s initial thoughts on Weinstein.
0:33:05 Ed: why did it take so long? and standing up for yourself
0:38:58 Brent: something needs to stop these settlements. Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes
0:40:34 Angie play’s devil’s advocate
0:42:37 Kwaku: Male celebrities role in all this
0:44:36 Lupita Nyong’o’s encounter with Harvey Weinstein
0:47:14 The many faces of Bill O’Reilly
0:48:10 Angie opens the can on Michael Jackson’s allegation
0:49:15 David speculates on the future of non-closure agreements
0:54:08 Lawrence: these people being a product of their times
0:54:43 David: Power and Money allows this Machoism culture to persist
0:56:27 Where does this toxic culture come from?
0:57:15 David: social media making things worse.
0:59:18 Ed: trapping rich men?
1:01:08 Hook up culture
1:03:28 Pop culture’s role in sexual predation & hook up culture.
1:05:26 Lawrence and the idealization of masculinity
1:06:23 Rock vs. Hip Hop
1:09:02 Do we like hyper masculinity? Is this culture or biology?
1:10:03 Weinstein and O’Reilly victims?
1:11:16 What we teach about manhood
1:11:42 Taking out the trash.
1:13:43 David’s take on women expectations. Angie gives us a bit more insight.
1:17:02 Kwaku’s take on women’s expectations: biological coding
1:18:17 Niger Incident. Angie leads us off on what happened
1:19:40 Ed’s beef with how bad the military screwed up.
1:20:48 It’s “NIH – GEER”
1:22:04 Ed gives us the special forces MO. Some many unknown unknowns.
1:23:13 US military’s mysterious missions around the global. Our goals in Africa
1:27:59 Trump’s role in the Niger story. The tweets. Pointing fingers at Obama.
1:29:40 Media fanning the flaming. Trash stories. Stories about Nothing.
1:33:28 Advertisement dollars versus journalistic integrity
1:36:14 Paying for good News? Taking Information for granted.
1:37:18 David and Ed debate how big the Niger story is.
1:41:01 Ed: Eisenhower gave support to the French is South Vietnam. The true beginning of the Vietnam War
1:41:31 Ed: The Russian Red Guards gained control of Russian Government
1:41:48 Ed: Founding of the UN
1:42:01 Any love for Eisenhower out there? Vietnam War Implications
1:45:48 David on Eisenhower. Democrat and Republican “Switch: history
1:46:51 Kwaku: The movie the Manchurian Candidate dropped
1:47:17 David: 2008 – Blood Friday
1:48:05 Kwaku: Russia “grooming” Trump?
1:49:33 David: First guy survives going over Niagara Falls in a barrel.
1:50:38 YouTube videos of people climbing buildings. Anything for Clicks. Evel Knievel. Adrenaline Junkies.
1:52:09 Adrenaline Junkies have a mental illness? Angie and Pain Junkies
1:53:53 Crazy Wright Brothers
1:54:46 Badass European Explorers
2:04:07 Being poor in the 60s versus Today
2:05:21 Brent: The first telegraph connection between DC and San Francisco
2:06:19 Angie longs for the 1800s
2:08:19 Letters versus Emails. Leaving small towns.
2:09:59 Lawrence and Taiwan
2:11:14 Hong Kong Lifestyle.
2:13:22 Georgia’s basic-ass Marta System. Limiting access to the ‘burbs
2:15:17 Lawrence: Limit access to parking to encourage public transportation
2:15:54 Live. Work. Play
2:16:41 Ed: Racism/Classism and limiting transportation
2:17:55 Control Perception, Control the Suburbs
2:18:44 Cultural diversity in suburban neighborhoods
2:19:53 Show technically ends
2:20:13 Blade Runner 2049
2:23:03 Stephen King’s “It”
2:24:38 Angie and David’s Dirty House
2:25:12 Dunkirk and Christopher Nolan
2:29:03 New Terminator movie
2:30:15 Florence Foster Jenkins
2:30:58 Stars Wars Rouge One
2:32:00 Bill Nye Saves the World
2:32:42 Luke Cage
2:33:41 Animated Shorts
2:35:15 We’re Out!

Intro Music:
Dj Quads – “Miollionaire

Outro Music:
Dj Quads – “Fun Time”